Driving with Google Glass

Driving with Google Glass

Today i decided to try and record a drive to the local datacenter with my google glass. As you will see the first part of the video had some issues and the second part went fine up until the battery died when walking home. The main reason for this little adventure was to get a feel of how easy it was to use the google glass in day to day life, some handy features are the Wink to take a snapshot and the voice control feature that works extreamly well even without an internet connection.

The glass v3 is still however "Buggy" at times sometimes its unresponsive or it feels like it will not do what you want it to. It has great google support and the internal 16GB of flash is a killer feature when thinking of the quality of the recordings from that 5MP camera.

Photo made by winking in the car.

The two featues that really blew my mind were the translation features, i could look at text and it would convert it into a language of my choosing. The second feature that i liked the most was the voice control, being able to search google, get a map in the corner of my eye, browse websites, send messages and place or pickup phonecalls using my voice really highlighted how well the Glass works, and made it very easy to quickly look up things without getting my phone out.

The glass being a Google product does make heavy use of the google cloud, every photo, video and even the location of the glass at any given time gets uploaded to the Google servers. This was something that did creep me out when letting someone else use it. The glass was linked to my friends phone and still connected to my account so all the photos and the current location of the Glass were sent to my account and his phone without him realising that it was uploading to my account.

I find that personaly a tad bit worrying to think that something that can see everything i can see is uploading to Googles cloud.

The car in the video is my current lease car a BMW 1 Series 2015 EDE edition with a 1.6 Liter engine and 3 Cylinders, a fun and sporty car that is perfect for living in the City.

Part 1

Part 2

Some of the downsides are really the battery life and the heavy usage of the Google Cloud i would love to see an extension on the battery life as i struggled to get though a day with it and it would be alot nicer to be able to opt in for using Google. I tried to pull images off the device using USB but on my Arch Linux laptop it did not seem to want to show its self so i still need to look into how to get pictures of the device becuase large videos can take a while to upload to Google Photos.

One other iritating thing i noticed is when you are busy uploading or when the device is busy it can become very sluggish and extreamly hot!

It still impreses me to how well the audio and video quality is on the Google Glass v3 and i hope to see more wareable devices in the future.

Written by Matthew Frost on Thursday October 15, 2015