Who am I

My name is Matthew Okoli-Frost,
Job: Project Consultant (PROACT)
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

About me

I am a hacker/IT enthusiast/Dev Ops Engineer with 4 years + industry experience who makes my hobby my job and loves working on challenging and interesting IT projects, I have been self studying IT since the age of 11 and find myself working as a Project Consultant for a company called PROACT, PROACT is Europe's leading independent storage integrator.

What I do

 As an architect / engineer I design and implement full stack datacenter environments from the ground up using technologies such as Cisco, VMWare, NetApp, ScaleIO, Ceph and Openstack.

In my role I am also responsible for helping drive the company forward by researching, testing and implementing the newest proven technology and helping build the required process around it.

And last but not least I am responsible for supporting our existing customer base in speicalizations such as Cloud, Networking, Security, Automation and Infrastructure.

My hobbies

Some of my hobbies are:

  • I like to travel
  • I love to cook
  • I enjoy relaxing with my friends and family
  • being a member of a local hackerspace called Techinc based in Amsterdam outside of work I do a lot of interesting social and technical projects.